One Main Street Condos - Now Selling

One Main Street Condos - Now Selling
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Home Automation from Architectronics

Technology is your friend – at least at One Main Street. The Lagotek Home Intelligence Platform from Architectronics, available in every suite, gives homeowners a way to control a variety of functions within the condo. The intuitive touch-screen display gives you ultimate control over your home. The standard features allow you to see who is buzzing from the front door as well as control climate throughout the homes and lighting in select rooms.

Additional features are available which include expanded lighting control, audio distribution and speakers, control of digital media (mp3's, ipods, photos, movies) and expanded computer networking options. What does that all mean? Well, imagine controlling all of your home's electronic functions from one place. The system is infinitely customizable so if you can dream it, it can probably be automated.

But that's not even the best part. The Home Intelligence Platform allows you to monitor these systems when you're away from home via your handheld device or an any internet connection.

Home automation makes your life easier can save you time and money through energy savings. And at One Main Street, it's a standard feature.

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